Switchblade by Lucid Games is now free to play

Switchblade by Lucid Games is now free to play

Switchblade, the arena-based vehicle action game, is free to play on PlayStation 4 today, after spending some time in beta. Lucid Games, which brought Goat Simulator to current and next-generation consoles, has been working on this game for a while, with a beta version that was announced in September 2017.

Now you can try the full game for free on PS4. The free launch trailer is available below:

Switchblade is now available for free on PlayStation Store.

What exactly is Switchblade?

The official Switchblade website has a lot of information on its "Information" page. As mentioned above, the game is a MOBA based on arena, 5v5, vehicle. However, Lucid games have put many interesting twists on that MOBA formula. For example, you can choose two vehicles to use in a game, switching from one to another at any time. This can create some interesting combinations given the five classes of vehicles in the game.

Armored vehicles can absorb damages. Artillery vehicles fight from afar. The fighters fight closely and strike quickly. Scouts are smaller and used to destroy enemies. Finally, Tank vehicles are heavily armored and are good at supporting teammates. This variety can create different combinations of teams for each game.

Switchblade by Lucid Games is now free to play

Lucid Games has partnered with Wushu Studios on Switchblade, as well as another unannounced title. That title has talent from MotorStorm and Driveclub behind it.

What do you think about Switchblade? Will you try it now that it's free to play? Let us know in the comments.

Source – [Press Release and Switchblade Official Website]

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