Take-Two sued $ 150 thousand from the maker of cheats for GTA V - Goha.ru

Take-Two won the court against the cheater's maker. Responsible for GTA V. Now he has to pay the company $ 150,000 – this is the maximum fine for copyright infringement. According to the judge, the fraud caused irreparable damage.

The publisher complained in Florida last August to the residents of Florida, Johnny Perez. The man sold the cheat elusively at a price of $ 10 to $ 30, depending on the configuration. Before the trial started, Take-Two tried to figure out how much money Perez earned, but he could not transfer financial reports.

Initially, the company was open for negotiation, but received no response. And then she found no choice but to bring a fraudster to court. According to the estimate, the damage to the publisher is at least $ 500,000.

$ 150,000 is the highest fine ever awarded for cheating on gaming. Moreover, the court forbade Peres to continue his activities. Elusive is not for sale from last year – the cheat was removed after Take-Two contacted Johnny.

The man informed all users that he would donate the proceeds to a charitable organization that would choose Take-Two itself.


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