Telescope detects strange flashes of unknown origin in the Earth's atmosphere

Optical phenomena were captured by the ultraviolet telescope of the Russian satellite Mikhailo Lomonosov in the atmosphere of planet Earth. The origin of the flashes of light still can not be found.

"With help of telescope, we have achieved more significant results than we expected. It seems that we find new physical phenomena. We still do not know what the physical nature is. For example, (…) at a height of several tens of kilometers, we have recorded an explosion of light with enormous force several times. And underneath everything is clean, without storms or clouds! What the cause of that & # 39; explosion & # 39; is an open question, "he said. Mikhail Panasiuk, who is director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics at Moscow State University.

the telescope caught different light phenomena in the atmosphere of the Planet Earth, including artificially caused by people.

The Russian satellite Mikhailo Lomonosov was launched in 2016 to study the phenomena that occur at the edge of the planet, in the magnetic field and in cosmic rays powered by extraterrestrial energies.


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