Tesla Roadster by Elon Musk, which he fired into space, has now flown by Mars, confirms SpaceX

Where does the roadster go?

Starman had to be propelled to the orbit of Mars on a 400 million km journey, propelled by the main module, which separated shortly after the launch of Falcon Heavy.

But in a small hitch, Elon Musk admitted that SpaceX overran Falcon Heavy's third booster fire and Starman sent in the solar system than originally planned.

The new job sends the Roadster on a journey to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

What will happen?

The most important force that will pull the car apart in hundreds of millions of years is radiation.

This will mainly affect the frame of plastics and carbon fibers.

'[Those materials] are largely constructed from carbon-carbon bonds and carbon-hydrogen bonds, "said Dr. William Carroll, a chemist at Indiana University, to Live Science.

Starman had to be on a 400 million km journey to the orbit of Mars, propelled by the main module, which separated Falcon Heavy shortly after its launch.

On earth, we are protected by a powerful magnetic field and an atmosphere that protects us from the worst radiation from the sun and cosmic rays.

Radiation in space causes these bonds to break, eventually causing the car to fall into pieces.

& # 39; If you cut something with a knife, you cut some chemical bonds at the end, & # 39; said Dr. Carroll.

"All organic substances will be broken down by the different types of radiation that you will encounter there," he said.

How long will it stay that way?

& # 39; Those organic substances, in that environment, I would not give them a year, & # 39; said Dr. Carroll.

The well-protected inorganic materials, such as the aluminum frame and internal metals, would last longer, which means that it is still recognizable in at least a million years.

However, it is unlikely that in the meantime it will avoid all collisions with micrometeorites and other space debris.

Before the launch, Musk said there was a chance that the car would hit Mars. Now on his new path it is not clear whether the car can encounter another space object.