The 10 mobile phones that emit the most radiation in the world

11 February 2019 08:08 PM
Updated on February 11, 2019 20:08

Smartphones have become essential in many of our daily activities; however, not all teams are the same. The differences are not only reflected in their technical characteristics, but also in other aspects, such as the level of radiation they emit.

The German Federal Radiation Protection Agency has developed a database that identifies the amount of radiation from mobile phones. With this documentation, Statista statistics portal compiled a list showing the mobile phones that emit the highest radiation level.

The list is prepared taking into account the specific absorption rate (SAR), which indicates the amount of radiation that is absorbed by the body. The results were the following:

More infographics in Statista

As you can see, the list is dominated by the Chinese brands Xiaomi, OnePlus and ZTE, although Google, Apple, Sony and the Taiwanese ZTE also appear. Of all equipment offered, the one with the highest SAR is Mi A1, from Xiaomi.

The list is made with data collected by the German institution in December 2018, so the radiation levels are still valid today.

Does cellular radiation affect health?

The radiation of smartphones is considered non-ionizing, that is, very low frequency. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) about 25,000 articles about the biological effects and medical applications of this type of radiation have been published in the past 30 years.

The existing results do not confirm that the exposure to low-intensity electromagnetic fields has any effect on health. Knowledge about biological effects, however, has some gaps that require more research, says the WHO.

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