The alleged successor to the affordable iPhone could be the most intriguing iPhone

A year after Apple made huge changes, but expensive, in his line of smart phones with the iPhone XAt last we could see a redesigned – and cheaper – phone for the rest of us.

The company is planning to organize an event at 10.00 AM Pacific Time on Wednesday 12 September at the Steve Jobs Theater on their campus in Cupertino, California. During the event, the company will probably present three new iPhones, according to various reports. Two of the models, complained that they are the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, will contain all new features. But for once the most intriguing model of the trio is perhaps the most affordable.

Apple is expected to introduce a device similar to the iPhone X, but use cheaper components, such as an LCD screen instead of a more vivid OLED screen, to keep costs low, according to Bloomberg. Rumor has it that his name will be iPhone Xr. The publication said that the new device will wear multiple colors and has aluminum sides instead of stainless steel, such as the iPhone X.

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Confirmed! New iPhone for 12 September


According to reports, this economic iPhone will have an "almost" 6.1-inch screen, making it bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X and its rumors successor, the iPhone XS: a break in the typical dynamics of the A bigger device costs more.

This new model is a signal that, while the prices of very premium smartphones such as the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 They are rising more than ever, even a company with followers is just as loyal as Apple should do more for people who are more aware of their budget. The iPhone X may be a success, but worldwide Apple is starting to see its market share erode, while the more affordable options of Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi attract people's attention.

Let's face it: being an iPhone fan is difficult unless you're willing to spend more than $ 999 (or more) on the iPhone X. Remove the iPhone SE from the comparison if you last one of Apple & # 39; s smartphones wanted, and you could not spend it for the iPhone X, you would be stuck with the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus: phones that have presented a design for the first time in 2014. Nor would you have access to Apple & # 39; s Face ID technology, the new great feature of last year.

This new & # 39; economic & # 39; Phone itself is not cheap, given the rumor price of US $ 700, but it is far from the US $ 1,000 that entails spending the latest and greatest Apple cell phone. The larger screen and the probability that it also has Face ID makes this an attractive option for consumers who do not want to update their next iPhone.

"It's a good way for Apple to update people with older devices, such as 6 and 5S," says Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi. "It will feel like they have a modern device because it will look like one of the new ones, but it will not have the same cost."

Apple declined to comment on this article.

Hard competition

Apple was in August the first US company of US $ 1 billion and the sales figures have skyrocketed in recent years. Tax revenues for the fourth quarter of the company indicate that it is optimistic about the phones that are expected on Wednesday.

Although their phones have proved extremely profitable, they are not ubiquitous all over the world. Some of your telephone rivals are seeing even greater increases in device sales. In the quarter of June, Huawei outperformed Apple to become the second largest phone provider in the world, according to various analyst accounts.

The Chinese telephone manufacturer, which is almost excluded from the US market, sent 54 million devices in the quarter, 41 percent more than the year before. said the firm Canalys in August. Apple sold 41.3 million iPhones in that quarter, virtually unchanged compared to 41.03 million the previous year.

"The importance of Huawei that Apple outperforms this quarter can not be emphasized enough," says Canalys analyst Ben Stanton. "It is the first time in seven years that Samsung and Apple do not take the first two positions."

He added that both Apple and its main rival, Samsung, should make their portfolio more competitive, especially when it comes to pricing.

Not a cheap manufacturer of equipment

In addition to the iPhone SE, which uses older specifications and a small casing, Apple has shown reluctance to complete its product family. I prefer to sell fewer phones at higher prices than send millions of cheap devices.

In the fiscal third quarter that ended in June, the average sales price of their iPhones was US $ 724 from US $ 606 a year ago. That means that many of us would like to accept those big price increases.

Prices have risen from US $ 649 for the entry level of the iPhone 7 in 2016 to US $ 1,149 for the higher capacity of the iPhone X last year.

Apple competitors sell most of their devices at much lower prices. The average selling price of the smartphone Samsung was $ 373 in the second quarter, while Huawei was $ 278, according to Canalys. But some of the cheaper phones that Huawei has recently released have high-quality components.

Despite the cheapest option of the iPhone, Apple will not follow the path of its rivals. The price of your iPhone is expected to rise further for some models. According to Bloomberg, Appleberg's two high-end models will include more expensive and sleeker OLED displays, enhanced dual cameras, glass backs and stainless steel rims. One, the 5.8-inch model, will not have many visible changes, but it will have a faster processor.

The other has a 6.5-inch screen, says Bloomberg, making it one of the largest smartphones on the market. In comparison, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a 6.4-inch screen. The most important changes to that device will be more visible in the software, such as the possibility to view content in applications side by side, according to the publication. The largest phone probably has a starting price of US $ 999 or more.

"Given that the iPhone X this year is the best-selling iPhone, despite the initial $ 999 price, we believe Apple understands that consumers are willing to pay for a superior device and user experience," says Morgan analyst. Stanley, Katy Huberty.

Where is the iPhone SE?

Apple's earlier attempts to produce less expensive phones yielded mixed results. The company presented the colorful iPhone 5C in 2013, a plastic phone that was not cheap enough to attract price-sensitive buyers or flashy enough for everyone. Apple has never made a second version of its C-device.

Samsung, which is also confronted with the pressure of cheap phone sellers, has remained the best thanks to its well-rounded portfolio. On Friday, He said his Galaxy A6 costs mid-level US $ 360 when it arrives on the American market on 14 September. It is only the newest in a series of products that cross a large number of prices.

"Consumers are increasingly looking for innovative features and high-quality hardware on mid-segment mobile devices," Samsung said in a press release announcing the phone.

Apple has been more successful with the iPhone SE, Apple & # 39; s cheapest and smallest screen phone. The company launched the 4-inch iPhone SE in March 2016. At that time, it was a legacy of Apple's older iPhone designs and was an option for people who wanted a smaller screen. The next year it strengthened the storage possibilities but kept everything the same.

"Apple has a rating at the bottom of its portfolio," Stanton said. "The iPhone SE has undoubtedly reached the end of its life".

It is unclear when a successor to the iPhone SE appears, perhaps a surprise appearance on Wednesday? Until then, this new successor at the bottom of the iPhone X, as well as a cheap iPhone 8, is perhaps the only legitimate options for a budget phone.

And yes … being an Apple fan is not cheap.

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