The best jokes on Twitter on & # 39; Russian Doll & # 39; and The Natasha Lyonnaissance

Throughout the month of February, you've probably heard positive things about Netflix Russian doll starring Natasha Lyonne, who also co-wrote, co-executive and co-created (with Leslye Headland and Amy Poehler) the existential and unpredictable comedy filled with hidden gems. Lyonna plays Nadia, a New Yorker trapped in a time loop in which she repeatedly dies on her 36th birthday, waking up on the same day for the same song by Harry Nilsson ("GOTTA GETTA GOTTA RITIRO, GOTTA RECEIVES CASA, " you'll find yourself singing much later).

You could say, "This is right day of the marmot with Natasha Lyonne, "to whom we have two answers: (1) It is much more than this, and (2)"day of the marmot with Natasha Lyonne "It's the best IDEA EVER, how dare you.

In any case, surely you look Russian doll and do not touch too soon. Give them at least four episodes to show how intricate and fun it is. Not only is it obscurely entertaining, but it also subverts the tropes (casting men in roles usually reserved for women, for example), has faded characters and conveys an all-encompassing message that sometimes the best thing you can do for you is to help someone else.