The executive who led the Apple expansion plan for the stores leaves the company - EL PAÍS

Angela Ahrendts, the executive power that extended the physical stores of Apple to public squares, will leave in April for the company that makes the iPhone. The board was also responsible for the electronic platform, after being registered five years ago in the team led by Tim Cook. He previously worked at Burberry and on numerous occasions it was speculated that the possibility that he would be a direct line of succession in the future would take over the reins of the apple business, one of the largest technology conglomerates in the world.

The announcement was made Tuesday at the end of Wall Street, a week after the technology company presented quarterly results. Deirdre O & # 39; Brien, who has been working at Apple for three decades, will take up the role of executive vice president and will also retain the positions she has held so far with employee relationships and talent development.

Ahrendts always denied the rumors about his possible promotion to the position of CEO of Apple, which he & # 39; stupid & # 39; mentioned, despite his salary of $ 26.5 million, almost double that of Cook – whose compensation is not so bad of the salary he receives from the company, but of the evolution of his important share package. A little over a month ago he acknowledged in an interview that he had missed the fashion world, and the justification for his departure was the same: private reasons and the need to undertake new professional adventures.

He answered Apple's call when the flagship product of the Californian company, the iPhone, was in full swing. She felt attracted – in addition to the juicy compensation package offered – to be part of one of the most important companies on this planet. Also for the mission to connect people. And it focused on supporting the brand's reputation through its stores, and turned it into independent meeting places. The model was quickly replicated by other companies in the sector.

The soul of Apple, says Cook in the note in which the relay is made public, "is our people." The stores currently have 70,000 employees around the world, spread over 506 locations on five continents. They also operate 35 electronic sales portals. Your replacement, O & # 39; Brien, He knows this business unit well because he took part in his development from the beginning.

The arrival of the former CEO of Burberry to Apple was conceived as a transition from a company that made electronic products into a luxury brand. However, the change is announced after a Christmas shopping season in which income has declined for the first time in more than a decade for that period. At the same time, the company's shares have lost more than 15% of their value in the past six months, in a general context of depreciation of listed companies around the world.