The Final Episode of Wolfenstein II’s The Liberty Chronicles DLC Out Right now

The third and ultimate episode in the Wolfenstein’s The Liberty Chronicles DLC, The Deeds of Captain Wilkins, is out today, providing players a new cause to leap back into the colourful, Nazi-killing world of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. In this episode of DLC, gamers will after once again be tasked with killing a lot of Nazis, this time actively playing as Captain Wilkins, a renowned U.S. Army veteran.The Deeds of Captain Wilkins will notify the tale of Captain Gerald Wilkins (duh), a U.S. Military Veteran and resistance fighter who travels to Nazi-controlled Alaska. Armed with a stolen experimental battlewalker, Wilkins will have to do what Wolfenstein II characters do greatest: get rid of some Nazis. His mission, technically, is to end the Germans from finishing and using a super weapon acknowledged as the Solar Gun.For far more on the now launched DLC episode, check out out under for a brief description:Collect ‘round, lovers of independence! Pursuing The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe and The Diaries of Agent Silent Loss of life will come a third tale of heroism, braveness, valor and very good ol’ fashioned Nazi-killin’.The Deeds of Captain Wilkins, the ultimate installment in the Freedom Chronicles trilogy, is now available. In this thrilling chapter renowned US Military veteran and resistance fighter Captain Gerald Wilkins travels to Nazi-managed Alaska, armed with a stolen experimental battlewalker contraption, to end a nefarious superweapon known as the Sun Gun.The Deeds of Captain Wilkins is the third enlargement in the Liberty Chronicles Year Move, a collection of DLC packs for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus showcasing the tales of 3 distinctive heroes preventing for liberty from the Nazi scourge.Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is available now.