The new iPhone suddenly fell into price before the official announcement. interview

iPhone becomes cheaper in China

The network "flowed" images from slides of the closed presentation of China Mobile, the Chinese national mobile operator, with the latest information on the prices of new Apple iPhone smartphones for the Chinese region. Relevant photos were published on Weibo, a popular microblogging platform in China.

According to new information, the June model price with the "adult" size of the OLED screen – 6.1 inches, called the iPhone XC, will be 5.88 thousand yuan, minus the Chinese sales tax of 17%. to 700 US dollars or 49 thousand rubles. at the rate of the Central Bank on the date of publication. The device has two configurations: with 64 GB and 256 GB internal flash memory. This product replaces the iPhone 8 in the current line of smartphones from Apple.

"Advanced" version of the device – iPhone XS with a 5.8-inch screen – in a minimal configuration costs the consumer 7.38 thousand yuan ($ 900 or 63 thousand rubles.).

Flagship model with 6.5-inch display – iPhone XS Plus – costs 8.38 thousand yuan, 1.01 thousand dollars or 71 thousand rubles. Earlier, experts assumed that the older model would be called the iPhone XS Max, and Apple would refuse to use the word Plus in the name of its smartphones.

Models in the XS line will differ in the amount of built-in drive: 64 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB. In addition, they receive versions that support one or two SIM cards. Apparently the versions with two SIM cards will appear later and will cost more.

Photodia reportedly made during a presentation in China Mobile

The new flagship therefore costs a bit more than the current iPhone X, which is now sold at a price of $ 999, and the device with the right resolution with the same screen size and costs almost $ 100 cheaper if the information is true.

Officially, a row of new Apple smartphones will be presented on September 12, 2018 during the Gather Round event in California, USA.

What else is known about new items

Previously, CNews reported that, according to Mysmartprice, both older models of the line will be equipped with a new mobile processor, Apple A12 and 4 GB RAM, enclosed in a case of stainless steel and glass, and a dual main camera and support for the Face ID feature . The price of smartphones is estimated at 899 and 999 dollars, or 62.9 thousand and 69.9 thousand rubles. respectively.

The budget version of the iPhone XC contains the same mobile processor as the "older" one GB RAM is smaller, and the housing is made of aluminum and glass. In addition, the younger model is equipped with a simpler and cheaper camera with one sensor and lens, but there is no support for Face ID and 3D Touch. It was assumed that the price would be about 749 dollars (52.5 thousand rubles).