The new Mi AirDots wireless headset costs $ 29

The new Mi AirDots wireless headset costs $ 29

Shawomi always tries to make it clear to users that all technologies can be available at a lower price than other companies. We have seen this mainly with different smartphones, but today we see it with telephone additions with the new Mi AirDots.

As the name implies, the headset is very small, it is available in two fingerprints and does not show much in the ear. It's even smaller than the AirPod's earphones and with similar features, but the clear difference is that the headset comes to $ 29, even though the Apple headset costs $ 159.

The Mi AirDots is available in the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which ensures better communication and audio quality and reduced energy consumption. Chaomi can charge the handset via the small housing, so that it can work normally for up to 12 hours. But apparently they do not offer the benefits of surround sound insulation or water resistance.

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Source: World of Technology