The Room (Nintendo Switch) - The test

While many gamers are looking for the upcoming news headlines on the upcoming Nintendo Switch (Let's Go Pikachu / Evoli and Smash Bros to name a few), other little villains will have noticed the arrival, on the & # 39 Nintendo & # 39; s hybrid, an extraordinary game where reflection is required, in a particularly neat world. Do you like to divide your brains …? Follow me …

The Room is a UFO game in the fun video game. Without really understanding what it's all about, the few images that are available in the Nintendo eShop are stimulating our curiosity, and we're moving towards a world we do not all know. Virgos of all ages, it is an opportunity to be dragged into a fascinating and enchanting world.

The Room is an innovative puzzle game that puts the player in the middle of a mysterious adventure of 4 consecutive chapters (plus a long epilogue), which often makes him perplexed, but always looks forward to the next discovery.

The Room is a game that does not want to be demanding. The difficulty is not very high and you only need a little judgment and especially a sense of observation that has been sharpened to come to the end of history. For the less talented or the least patient, everything is planned … many directions are available if you wish. What never remains blocked in a stalemate … which is still a holy plus for a game of this type, although the difficulty of this app is not recommended to the most ruthless players who might encounter a terrible simplicity.

The Room is a game with a story that ultimately has little interest. Whatever the arrival, as long as the ride is fun … your final destination can indeed leave you hungry, as a foretaste of an unfinished past in a universe that is still very framed and organized.

The Room is a game that can perfectly play in portable mode, despite the minutia that is needed at any time. By giving players the pleasure of being touched, you can get the impression that you are on a big screen phone to hit you … but the immersion is only stronger during the various manipulations, the maneuvering of the hatches and switches at hand. In reality you will certainly have more fun than with your little Joy-Con in hand … certainly break with this impression of a striking immersion in portable mode.

The Room is a game with the best graphics. Each box, each drawer, the smallest mechanism, is shown with details and clarity. The play of light is not forgotten to sublimate the whole and we feel almost submerged in a mysterious loft, impeccable, that gives us all the secrets one by one.

The Room is a fun game for all the big kids who want to touch everything, operate a button, control all cranks and understand every mechanism that is present under his eyes. Here you are the master of the place, ready to fight with boxes that close secrets and treasures, and for that all battles (without additional damage!) Are allowed … Your errant hands will be free to the smallest gaps of these search objects strangely, and you will soon be able to understand their work in every detail.

The Room is a game developed by Fireproof Games and edited by Team17, which you can now find on the eShop of the Nintendo Switch for 8.99 euro.

Did you know?

The suite of "The Room" is already available on IOS and Android … tempting right?