An invisible star in the eyes of researchers stole mass to his partner in a binary system before it becomes a supernova. This explosion it happened on 920 million Earthas published science this Thursday

It is assumed that the explosion resulted in a neutron star job around your compact and dense companion, which suggests that scientists first witnessed the birth of a compact binary neutron star system. This is because after the explosion all the outer layers of the star were destroyed, leaving a dense neutron starabout the size of a small town, but with more mass than the sun.

The research was led by the graduate student Kishalay De and it was mainly performed in the laboratory of Mansi Kasliwal, assistant professor of astronomy at Caltech. Kasliwal is the main researcher of the Global Relay or Observatory Watching Transients Happen (Growth) project.

Companions in a binary system

A binary star system is a system in which the two stars are connected by gravity. And what does this mean? Well, describe "stable orbits around the center of gravity of the system formed by them two ", as explained a few months ago by Professor Pilar Ruiz-Lapuente, of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona and the Institute of Fundamental Physics of the CSIC, a Hipertextual.

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