The world of technology 60% of smartphones have a glass by 2020

You look at the world of technology 60% of smartphones have a glass in 2020
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Date: Friday, October 12

Paris Neboz – said the company Counterpoint research By the end of this year, 26% of total smartphone shipments are in the hands of market smartphones and by the end of 2020, 60% possible. The "glass back" function is now a feature of advanced smartphones.

According to the website TOI "All smartphones introduced in 2018 were equipped with a glass back and this trend is likely to persist for the rest of the year and beyond," said Tarun Pathak, associate director at Counterpoint. "According to the research firm is one of the reasons why glass The preference for metal is the overall appearance of the device.

Because the average price of smartphones is rising in the luxury category, smartphones with back-to-back glass contribute to the overall look, making them look more attractive. Another reason for the appearance of glass at the back is the increased acceptance of wireless charging. Wireless charging is just as effective as the rear glass. "

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