They continue Twitter and Google for spy & # 39; spy & # 39; of children via games

The mobile ad divisions of google and twitter were accused of including tracking software in the games of Tiny Lab Productionsthat illegally collects data from children, including their precise location.

The Attorney General of New Mexico, Héctor Balderas, filed a lawsuit Tuesday in which the Lithuanian game developer and five US application advertising companies were accused of violating the Law on the protection of the privacy of children on the Internet (COPPA).

"These applications can track where kids live, where they play and go to school with incredible accuracy," Balderas said in a statement on Wednesday.

"These multi-billion dollar technology companies working with application developers use the children of New Mexico, and the unacceptable risk of data breaches and access by third parties who try to abuse and harm our children will be in New Mexico will not be tolerated. "

Tiny Lab said in a statement on its website that it does not violate American statutes. The company said that a study of International Computer Science Institute who calls his applications "a horrible example of a possible violation of COPPA" had failures.

twitter He stated that Tiny Lab was hung on the platform MoPub in September last year for violating its policy regarding applications aimed at children.

A Google spokesperson said that applications aimed at children must comply with stricter policies, as well as with COPPA and other applicable laws.