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This is how Chinese online stores skip the ban on violent games

There are very strange methods.


China has a few very strict restrictions at the time of publication of video games on its territory. In addition to monitoring the distribution or processing process via Chinese companies authorized to market electronic products, the Asian country is, where possible, stricter violent games. On several occasions he has threatened to banish certain games and has even closed the publication of games for months in 2018. Now, after the successful launch Resident Evil 2 remakeChinese traders are looking for the most ingenious ways to censorship of the communist regime.

To avoid draconian censorship with nose and imagination

Violent video games are very persecuted in Chinaespecially those with a certain component clotted blood or very bloody. Last month, the government's censorship agency paralyzed the publication and edition of, in particular, 11 video games, Resident Evil 2 remake the client has suffered damage. Because of the high demand from survival horroronline stores should be very creative to sell the game without being caught, and with little margin to work, they are eventually forced bring it to your customers in a very original way.


For example in Taobao, a kind of Chinese eBay, sellers skip the ban by selling the Capcom title with pseudonyms, hand-drawn cover art or certain traps in his description. We find very prosaic definitions and titles such as Capcom Remake 2 or Shoot and See: Remake 2while other traders try to avoid the scissors of censorship by changing the genre of the video game and its synopsis. Who said that Resident Evil 2 was a violent title or gore? No, not all of that.

To prevent censorship, some vendors distribute Resident Evil 2 as the first working day at the police station: Remake version

According to this seller, it is a police officer. Yes, while you are reading. In fact, the title is according to his description First working day at the police station: remake version. Something like "The first working day at the police station: edition new version"Others make great versions based on it hieroglyphs, adding art from Plants vs. Zombies or approved games in your day as recycling Small nightmares.


The most experienced even play with the English or avoid bad translationsthe algorithms that jump when they detect certain words in Chinese or characters that can be interpreted as harmful elements. The Chinese government is rather paranoid about these issues and recently accused video games of causing myopia in children.

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