Too bad to leave the collective conversations .. "Watsab" offers you the solution!

Watsab's instant messaging application has found a definitive solution for people who are annoyed by the mass messages they receive during the group conversations and at the same time are reluctant to withdraw. As the Daily Mail reports, users can choose the new Watsab update & # 39; Leave Status & # 39; in collective conversations.

In this mode, you can archive all group conversations and prevent annoying notifications from reaching your phone without notifying the group of your edit.

The "Holiday mode" is meant to remain in the group in a "silent" way, which means that you will not receive any notification of a new message and that you do not have to read it.

If you want to return to your group activity, you can edit your "status" and return to the mail normally.

This feature is expected to be released in the next update of the famous application, owned by Facebook.

Watsab, launched in 2009, is used today by more than 1.5 billion people and exceeds Facebook Messenger and Wei Chat.

(Sky News)