Twenty-year-old detainee for Facebook on Pulwama terrorist attack

BENGALURU: Police arrested a 20-year-old man for making anti-national comments on Facebook about the terror act at Pulwama on Sunday.

The Central Crime Branch staff arrested Faiz Rashid (20) from HBR Layout on Sunday evening and seized the tools he had used to publish the comments in question. In his posts, Rashid had stated that the act of terror was revenge for the incidents that had allegedly damaged the Muslims first in the country, and had mocked and ridiculed the Indian army personnel.

"Because of the anti-national posts that could cause clashes between communities, disturb the peace and question the sovereignty of India, the police have arrested the person," a statement said. Rashid is abandoned by an engineering college in the city, where he studied Informatica. After his posts on Facebook, several users have criticized the posts and tagged the Bangalore police. Rashid has therefore deleted his Facebook account. According to the police, the Rashid account had no profile picture, indicating that it had created this account for the sole purpose of committing such crimes.

Rashid is the third person to be booked in Bangalore with similar charges. On Saturday, police arrested Thahir Shazad Latif (22), an engineering student, when he too had allegedly uploaded messages that greeted the terrorist attack on Pulwama and taunted the Indian army. It was booked with the charge of sedition, criminal conspiracy and promotion of enmity between different groups.

Earlier on Saturday, HAL police had filed a FIR against Abid Malik, who had posted similar messages via his Facebook account. Later the police took Malik's place and found that he had moved to Jammu a year ago and was no longer in town.