Twitter launches the in-app camera feature to challenge Instagram, Snapchat

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Twitter seems to compete with Instagram and Snapchat as the company has launched a new in-app camera to click and share photos instantly on its platform. The company tested the functionality for a while and finally implemented the functionality on its iOS and Android mobile app.

Previously, it was reported that Twitter is working on the Snapchat-like feature that allows users to click and personalize multimedia content and share it instantly through the app. The camera in the app now allows users to click images or even play streaming videos for up to 280 seconds and share them in a tweet. Users can swipe left from the Twitter feed to access the camera and even add text or hashtags to provide more information about the multimedia content. After posting the photo in a tweet, it appears in a large preview with the text below. Currently, Twitter has not enabled the addition of images to the camera app via the photo gallery.

The micro-blogging site has not enabled the feature currently for all its users. Twitter tweeted on its official account that the feature will be distributed to all users in the coming days.

Recently, Twitter was testing a feature & # 39; News First & # 39; on Android devices to let users know what's happening around the world. The live streaming feature could be useful for the functionality that is still being tested.

The company has also released an iOS prototype app called Twttr. Twitter would use the app to chat with its users to discuss and get tips on various features that can be added to its main platform. The app has features like color-coded answers, hiding irrelevant replies, etc. The beta app is currently available only through Apple's TestFlight program, in which Twitter has invited some thousands of English and Japanese speakers, and beta users can discuss the changes with them.

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