(Update) After massive redundancies, Telltale has about 25 employees

A shadow of his former self

[[[[Updating: In a statement, Telltale described today's news as "a closure of a majority studio" and confirmed that 25 employees will continue "to meet the company's obligations towards its board and partners." More news about the games portfolio of the studio will be available in the coming weeks & # 39; will be announced.

"It was an incredibly difficult year for Telltale because we did our best to give the company a new direction," said Pete Hawley, CEO of Telltale Games. "Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to try to get there."

"We have released some of our best content this year and have received a huge amount of positive feedback, but in the end this did not translate to sales.We look at our friends today with a heavy heart to tell our brand storytelling in the gaming industry. to spread. . "]

It is a hard day for the studio behind adventurous game series like The living Dead, Game of Thrones, The Wolf among usand many other high-profile projects. In today's first reports it was suggested that Telltale Games might close the doors, and although that is not the case, reality is not much better.

After a round of mass layoffs, the Telltale has dropped from hundreds of employees to about 25 ℃, according to The Verge. If that seems like a painful, radical restructuring, I totally agree.

Just looking at the well-known plans of the studio, Telltale has at the moment The Walking Dead: The Final Season, The Wolf Among Us: Season Two, Game of Thrones: Season Two, and a Stranger Things game.

How Telltale goes on here, I'm not sure. Our best goes to everyone who is affected.

The Walking Dead studio Telltale hit with layoffs [The Verge]
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