Where are you, Opportunity rover?

Where are you, Opportunity rover?

Have you heard that NASA is trying to reach you? Your friends on earth, we just want to make sure that you are OK after that gigantic, planet-circling storm. We estimate that there is no Facebook security check on Mars.

You see, we are worried. In the past you sent us cool images of Mars on the regular. Although NASA has designed you for a 90-day mission on Mars, you have defied those expectations and continued to talk with us for 15 years.

But then the storm came. You have already withstood storms, such as those in 2007. You fell silent for a few days and then the storm passed and you went on with your historic mission.

That was not so intense, of course. This time a global dust storm completely blocked the sun. We have pictured you while you crouched, ready to drive out.

June 10 was the last time we heard from you.
Opportunity rover threatened by giant storm on Mars
You did exactly what you had to do, settle down for a long nap by stopping. In contrast to our size the Curiosity rover, you are a sun creature that needs sunlight to do your best. You had historic energy lows. We understand it – it was time for rest.

You were stranded in the dark in Perseverance Valley, which you liked to explore, trying to learn how it was created. You have always been a history lover of history, and this was exactly your way of doing things.

The mission scientists tried to keep in touch with you every day after the silence had dropped. Days, weeks and even months have passed. They have increased their frequency to contact you. First, it was only three times a week and you did not want to disturb your peace. You would not want to wake up to a monstrous dust storm, even in a place that sounds as pleasant as Perseverance Valley. That would be a nightmare and rather lonely.

Now they send you a message several times a day, but you still continue to receive them. NASA has even approved a strategy that allows them to listen to January.

Mars dust storm has become a planet circle, & # 39; NASA says

You should hear the nice things everyone says about you. Your team has such a strong bond with you. They want you to continue. You must! You are in Perseverance Valley to cry out loud.

It seems painful at the moment when we have not heard from your twins, Spirit. Spirit was so brave, it defied that 90-day plan and worked until March 22, 2010. NASA tried to reach Spirit for more than a year, and it was a formal farewell around Memorial Day in 2011. It was beautiful. Do you remember?


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