XCOM's spiritual heiress, Phoenix Point, was again postponed - Goha.ru

Julian Gollop announced that Phoenix Point will not be released in June. Release is now scheduled for September. Studio's have taken extra time to test and improve the gameplay to meet the expectations of the players.

Phoenix Point is a sci-fi strategy, the spiritual successor to XCOM. Instead of extraterrestrials, an extraterrestrial virus was found in the ice that began to change all life in gruesome beings. Gollop, who created XCOM, promises to "continue and develop the ideas of the original game".

His idea was intriguing enough to raise almost $ 800,000 in 2017 for crowdfunding. Initially it was assumed that Phoenix Point would be released at the end of 2018, but the release was postponed until 2019 to finish it.

Julian Gollop noted that a trial version will appear in March for those who have supported the crowdfunding project. And it will be "a lot of new content". More information developers tell in the near future.


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