Xiaomi: Chinese phone maker arrives in the UK, looking to take on Apple and Samsung

Chinese phone company Xiaomi has finally launched its phones in the UK, ready to take on companies like Apple and Samsung.

As well as its Mi 8 Pro flagship phone – which is now on sale, the first time the phone is available outside of China.

The company is the fourth largest phone company in the world, after Samsung, Huawei and Apple. But it has mostly sold its products in China, and is now seeking to spread into more countries.

Its Mi 8 Pro flagship phone includes a built-in fingerprint 6.2in ​​AMOLED screen, and dual 12-megapixel rear cameras. It uses the Snapdragon 845 processor and runs on a customized version of Google's Android operating system.

All are features found on rival high-end phones that can cost more than £ 700, but Xiaomi is selling the Mi 8 Pro starting at £ 499, as part of a strategy it calls "honest pricing".

Wang Xiang, the firm's senior vice president, said: "Today we witness a new chapter in Xiaomi's global expansion journey, underpinned by our global ambitions.

"We are thrilled to make great strides by announcing our arrival in the UK.

"By bringing a range of our products at honest prices we want to offer more choices and everyone in the UK is enjoying a simple life through our innovative technology."

The company will be stuck to a new market, with three new iPhones, two Google Pixel 3 handsets and devices from Samsung, Sony and fellow Chinese firms Huawei and OnePlus are released in recent months.

As well as the Pro, Xiaomi will also launch its budget Redmi 6A device for £ 99, which it claims has a battery that lasts for 19 days.

The Chinese firm is also bringing a range of other gadgets to the UK, including its Band 3 wearable fitness tracker and electric scooter.

These products will go on sale at a physical Xiaomi Mi store, which will open at the Westfield shopping center at Shepherd's Bush, London, on November 18.

Mobiles expert Ru Bhikha said the firm's arrival in the UK should be tasks seriously.

"Since releasing its first smartphone in August 2011, Xiaomi has enjoyed a strong foothold in the market – so much so that it's already the fourth largest handset manufacturer in the world," he said.

"Xiaomi's highly anticipated arrival in the UK, therefore threatens to put a big cat among the pigeons – by combining top tier design and performance with relatively modest pricing, it poses a real threat to the market.

"Looking at Xiaomi's success so far, it's hard to see how its winning combination of high-end smartphones with lower-than-expected prices will not be the same.

"Thursday's launch marks the arrival of a significant new kid on the block, and there is no doubt that in the UK, Xiaomi means business."

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