Xiaomi is leading the Indian smartphone market, Samsung closes second in 2018: Canalys

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Xiaomi is leading the Indian smartphone market, Samsung comes second in 2018 & nbsp

Xiaomi has been one of the largest smartphone makers in India and while it has maintained the top position in terms of market share for more than a quarter of a dollar, a new report suggests that Xiaomi is at the top of the Indian smartphone market in 2018 with Samsung second place with a minor margin.

According to a report from the consulting firm Canalys, which illustrated in detail the dynamics of the Indian smartphone market in 2018, Xiaomi was in first place in terms of sales in 2018, selling 41 million devices. This represents a 29.9% market share for the Chinese smartphone maker while Samsung ranked second with a 25.8% market share as it sold 35.4 million devices in the same time frame .

As for the top five, Vivo was in third place with 14.4 million shipments and 10.5% market share, while Oppo and Micromax had a market share of 11.2% and 4.7%. This also means that Apple and Huawei, which are also considered the main players in the Indian smartphone industry, have been included in the "other" category. It should also be noted that the "other" category sold 30.6 million units, less than the sales of Xiaomi and Samsung in 2018.

On the other hand, the Canalys report also highlighted that smartphone shipments increased by 10% in the past year compared to 2017. This makes India one of the six markets in the world to register a annual growth. Overall, 12 million more smartphones were sold in the 2018 year compared to the previous year.

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