You can lose many things: a threatening update of Attab raises concerns

The application of Instant Messaging "Watsab" to start an imminent update, amid the fear that this would damage the content and privacy of users, with a value of 1.5 billion per month.

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During the update, each user must transfer the contents of his account in Watasab to a backup of Google Drive. If this is not the case, this content will be permanently deleted.
If a Wattab user does not enter the backup for the entire year and does not update it, it will be deleted after the update is started on November 12.
And if the famous application to remove this content from the backup, the user will be exposed to the loss of a large number of images and conversations and videos, according to the newspaper "Mirror" British.
Since these copies are maintained in a partnership between Watsab and Google, the messaging application does not guarantee the encryption function available in the correspondence when using the backup in Google Drive.
The site "ZDNet" that informed Watasab users that what they keep in the backup version "is not protected with advanced encryption" because "Google" has access to it.
The user can easily convert via the main menu of the application and then press "conversations" and then the option "Save conversations" appears.
The Watsab update stems from a global debate on the privacy of users among defenders who emphasize the need for immunization, while some warn against the use of hardliners and criminals for these benefits of doing horrible things.

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