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These Brochure Printing Tips Will Make Your Brochure More Unique

There are so many elements in brochure printing that complement each other in order to make a good flyer. A lot of you must have known that the design and copywriting is one of the most essential aspects of a flyer. However, there are a few more things that you can do in order to enhance the quality of your flyer. The possibility of what you can do in brochure printing is almost endless as long as you have the creativity and equipment to do it. Here are some other tips to create a brochure or flyer that stands out and gives a strong impression on your potential customers.

1. Emboss

Take your brochure or flyer to the next level by creating a 3D effect. This will surely make your flyer more attractive and it also appeals to the sensory touch. By creating an emboss on your flyer, not only that it makes it look better, but it also interests people to touch your flyer. Choose the right point to emboss on your flyer, such as the most important line or another focal point there is.

2. High quality print

The final image of your brochure heavily relies on the quality of your flyer. To create a high-quality flyer, you can choose a slightly thicker paper than most and add a glossy finish for your flyer. It will make your flyer look more professional and also enhance its durability.

3. Make it foldable

Although slightly uncommon, you can make your flyers foldable. It will make it look unique and people will be interested to see the content by opening the fold, adding a slight excitement to your flyer. You can choose from half-fold, tri-fold, or even spiral-fold to create a unique impact. This will definitely make your flyer stand out among others. Although by choosing to create flyers with folds, it will make the design slightly more complicated. However, it is guaranteed that this extra effort is worth it.

4. Proofread

Whatever elements of creativity that you have put in your brochure, make sure that you proofread your product before going into the printing process says design expert Kiasu Print. Proofreading doesn’t only include checking for typing errors and grammatical mistakes, but also means that you must look out for flaws in the entirety of your flyers. Ask for the help of your colleagues or friends to do a final check of your flyer. Sometimes, the mistakes you do your own will only be able to be seen by others. They can also help you by giving in beneficial inputs regarding your design and help you create better flyers.

Keep in mind that by adding more elements to your brochure or flyer in order to make it unique, you may need to cash in more money for production. In the end, the well-known cost-effective flyer as an advertising tool will become expensive if done too much. Should it not suit your budget, then you can keep your flyers simple while making sure that it enhances its strong points in order to still have it stand out and give a strong impact.

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