2019 for the last time

2019 for the last time

On 31 March 2019, the last change in summer time takes place in the EU. This is the Commission's plan. Will it be reset for the last time on 27 October? It gets complicated.

The time change in the EU must be abolished – in the coming year. This is the plan that the European Commission has now presented.

As long as the governments of the EU and the European Parliament agree with this plan, the clocks in all EU countries will be switched for the last time to summer time on 31 March 2019. On 27 October 2019, a country can then switch back to the normal time. , often & # 39; winter time & # 39; but that is not necessary.

The EU wants to avoid patchwork

"The decision whether a country will remain in the summer or winter time permanently lies with the member states", said the responsible transport commissioner, Violeta Bulc. But she especially called on the neighboring countries to vote on the issue and find a "good solution". Because a real patchwork of time zones within the EU, the Commission wants to avoid.


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