7 people were injured in a knife attack in Paris

7 people were injured in a knife attack in Paris

Seven people were injured in a knife attack in Paris on Sunday evening.

The attack took place around 10:45 am. local time when a man armed with a crowbar and a knife began attacking people in the 19th arrondissement, northeast of Paris, according to La Parisien.

The attacker is accused of stabbing three people in the MK2 theater near the Quai de la Loire, reported La Parisien, before two men playing petanque at a nearby court tried to upset the attacker by throwing a ball at him throw.

The attacker continued the street and apparently attacked several people, including two British tourists, before the police arrested him.

Officials said seven people were injured, including four with serious injuries.

There was no indication that the episode was related to terrorism, according to La Parisien, although the police have revealed no motive.

In Paris, several large-scale terrorist attacks have been committed in recent years, but since 2015 there have been no major attacks.

France has seen violence by individual attackers in recent months. In May, a Chechen nationalist attacked four people in Paris with a knife, killing a knife and four being injured.

In June, a woman stabbed two people with a casket in a supermarket in Toulon. And in August, a 19-year-old Afghan asylum seeker struck four people in the southwestern French city of Perigueux, injuring four people.

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