A car drives through a crowd in China: 9 dead, 46 wounded

A car drives through a crowd in China: 9 dead, 46 wounded

YOUA 4X4 vehicle sank into the crowd on a public square in a city in central China on Wednesday night, killing nine people and injuring 46 people, three of whom according to local authorities.

The drama took place at 19:35 (11:35 GMT) on the central square in Hengdong City, Hunan province. The police arrested the driver of the vehicle, the district authorities said in a statement.

According to Beijing News, a quote from the local police, the director, named Yang Zanyun, is a man who was born in the municipality in 1964 and has already had several convictions for stealing or using drugs.

An investigation was opened, the authorities said, without specifying whether the man had acted deliberately or not.

Censored video & # 39; s

Photos that circulate on social networks show a vehicle of type 4X4 with the bumper recessed. Video's of the scene were promptly censored.

This type of event is not unusual in China. At the end of July, a woman who seems to have lost control of her Mercedes has mowed a crowd of pedestrians and cyclists in the big city of Hangzhou, killed two people and injured 13 others.

A bomb attack on the car was also held in Beijing in 2013, under the famous portrait of Mao Tse-tung overlooking Tiananmen Square. Two tourists were killed in this action, by the authorities on behalf of Uyghur separatists, an ethnic Muslim group in the Xinjiang region. The three people on board the vehicle, who exploded, lost their lives.