A new caravan starts with hundreds of Honduran migrants to Mexico and the US.

A new caravan starts with hundreds of Honduran migrants to Mexico and the US.

They are determined and willing to venture and cross boundaries to seek new opportunities. They are Honduran families They do not see many more options than to join them to leave as a group in their country: some are planning to apply for asylum in Mexico and others to cross that country to reach the United States.

By the social networksFrom every department of the country, the call was made to the people who wanted to participate in the "migrant walk" that departs this Saturday with the slogan "We do not leave because we want it, it drives away our violence and poverty". His first goal is to reach Tapachula, in Chiapas (Mexico), where some want a permit to travel through that country and ask for asylum.

The meeting point in Honduras is the large bus station of San Pedro Sula, in the north of the country, where migrants have gathered since Friday morning. They have arrived from the departments of Colón, Atlántida, Francisco Morazán, Choluteca, Yoro, Cortés, Santa Bárbara and the Bay Islands.

The organizers expect more people to follow the route on their way to Mexico. Despair, they say, has led them to take the measure. And although many say they do not know what they are going for, they know that they do not want to stay in Honduras and that traveling together makes them lose the dangers of the road.

"This movement only tries to save lives, to prevent more Hondurans dying on the migratory route in Mexico, to be less maimed, kidnapped or those who force them into prostitution. This human tragedy is from people who suffer"Bartolo Fuentes, one of the organizers of the walk, told Univision News.

This is not the first initiative of this kind. In April last year, one of those migrating caravans, for which a group of more than 1,000 Central American migrants crossed Mexico towards the border with the United States, It caught the attention of President Donald Trumpwho used that news to promote the adoption of new immigration restrictions.

"There is no work and there is a lot of uncertainty"

It is the economic situation, the lack of work and violence that motivates migrants to leave. They are certain that new opportunities will be opened outside Honduras because they say in rural areas that you can no longer live. "We come from fear, there is no work in the country, I am determined to participate in the walk because the crime overwhelms us, we go with my two children and my husband, we go looking for a future, to work, "said Idalia Marili Acosta, who is 21 years old and originally from La Ceiba, in the Atlántida department.

The terminal is full, every minute people arrive with the intention to leave. The expectation is that in the early hours of Saturday the pilgrimage of migrants will start and they will look for a better future in other countries. They vary from newborns to older adults. "I do not know what I'm going for, but I'm sure that what you think will be better than what we have in the country, everything goes up every week and we do not even eat, so they force us to leave our country" says Rolando Sarmiento. , from Tocoa, Colón.

The organizers ensure that the route to Mexico is made in an orderly manner because they want to follow the procedures to apply for permits that allow free transit to migrants. "We hope that people go, register, that they get a document to stay legal in Mexico and, as the international law says, to give them shelter, they are being prosecuted, people run the risk of losing their lives. and we hope that during the night the figure will rise to more, "said Bartolo Fuentes.

The majority is due to the economic situation, others due to lack of work and violence. Many are threatened, the gangs say they are being pressured to be part of the structures and others have to give their home.

Sadith Elvir, originally from Tegucigalpa, was one of many young people who decided to leave the group. Although he had a wife and three children, he decided to go out alone because he says that everything is wrong in Honduras: "There is no work, there is a lot of uncertainty and I leave the country. This is my third attempt to arrive and I am going out of necessity. You can not survive in Honduras. Those of us who are here to emigrate, that is why, because the government offers us no opportunities and in reality does not give any answers to the people. We are going as a family, we are united, because we have no dreams here, "he said.

The start of the concentration of migrants took place this Friday, while in Washington the vice-president of the United States, Mike Pence, participated in the II Conference of Prosperity and Security in Central America with the leaders of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. .

At that meeting, Pence used the opportunity to ask the North Triangle families not to give their families the risk of illegally entering the United States, in a message that was replicated in their social networks by the manager of the United States. Embassy of United States in Honduras, Heide Fulton: "We need the nations in the northern triangle region to reinforce this message … If it can not legally come in the US, it should not come," he said.

Meanwhile, in San Pedro Sula, the hundreds of Hondurans who decided to leave, it is clear that the journey they will have to go through will not be easy, but they believe that what they can find out is better than what they leave behind at home.

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