A year of Chancellor Kurz: the amazing fact of a dilettante government - DIE WELT

DThe man at the top has lost the first glaze. The popularity does not increase steadily in the country. In Germany, where the Austrian term "Wunderwuzzi" was introduced to the national language a year ago and the man went through the talk shows as a new political children's mess, the enthusiasm cooled off considerably.

Sebastian Kurz's name was not mentioned in the "Tagesschau" of the ARD, when it was said that the US, Australia "and a few Eastern European countries" had chosen the migration pact of the UN.

Among these "Eastern European countries" was one of the first Austrian. However, the Vienna government has made every effort to organize its EU presidency and announced that it would not accede to the UN Migration Pact.

The case of the unsigned migration pact shows the dilemma. When you read his lips, Sebastian Kurz is an avid European. To burn? The Austrian economy briefly pulled its support into an openly anti-European course.