An American who was accused of having raped his own daughter was rescued by a dog

The lost and subsequently found dog helped to justify the plumber from Oregon, convicted of sexual offenses. As reported by RIA Novosti, this was reported Monday by the public organization Oregon Innocence Project, which was involved in this case.

"The charge against our client Josh Horner today was overturned by the court at the request of the Public Prosecutor John Hammel, and Horner had not been found guilty of sexual violence against his own daughter by unanimous decision, he did not commit this crime", said the organization.

Horner has already begun serving his 50-year term in prison and appealed to a public organization for legal aid.

According to the report, in this case there were no traces of DNA, no material evidence, no witnesses, only a testimony of the minor's daughter of the accused. The activists found out that the girl had already complained about ridicule on the part of her mother and that these charges turned out to be unsustainable.

In addition, the plaintiff claimed that her father had shot a black Labrador family who belonged to Lucy to intimidate her and silence her. However, the dog was found. As the defendant herself claimed, she was still alive.

"A dog named Lucy was not shot, Lucy's dog is alive, my specialist and specialist Oregon Innocence Project found Lucy, confirmed that she spent a lot of time with her, photographed her," the prosecutor told the court. . Where they found the dog, this has not been reported.

The prosecutor also said that he could not be sure that the accused did not commit a crime, but he was convinced that the youngster who had testified had lied under oath while making statements. The judge agreed with these arguments, the case was closed and Horner was released.

After the release Horner thanked the prosecutor, who took an unusual step and applied for a petition to close the case in connection with the newly discovered circumstances.