Belgium: on board an F-16 on the ground, he accidentally shoots on another plane and destroys it

An F-16 fighter-bomber was destroyed Thursday afternoon … by shooting from another ground plane, according to the Belgian press, including "An accident like this is almost impossible", said La Première the commander of the base of Florennes (southern Belgium).

This accident fortunately "only" has two minor injuries. "The most important thing for everyone is the man behind the machine" emphasized the commander of the Didier Polomé base, who says with relief"Whichthere is no serious injury or death after the accidentAnother plane was damaged by the explosion.

Or, as indicated by different media, the fault of a technician during the maintenance of the devices is the cause of the explosion, "I would rather wait until the results of the survey indicate which version is correct."

Two different surveys were launched : an accident specializing by the army department, and by the federal prosecutor to determine the responsibilities. For the time being, the federal prosecutor prefers the position of the accident according to the Belga bureau, which states that according to various sources it is a gunsmith that has shot without purpose.

It is also unknown at this stage whether Belgium will replace this device who pays the bill. The price of a new F-16 is estimated at between 40 and 75 million euros according to his equipment.