Beyonce calls to win the Democratic candidate in Texas

Washington – The superstar of the American song Beyoncé on Tuesday, called Late Texas Texas, where she was born, to vote for the Democrat Beto Rourke, who is faced with tough competition in this Republican state.

A few hours before the end of the Texas polls and no less than three messages on Instagram, the singer showed up with a cap crossed with a clear message: "Beto in the Senate".

"I am grateful to everyone who has done so much effort to give us the right to vote. We can not express our frustrations and complain about what is wrong without voting", wrote the star from Houston.

"Every vote counts. Every duel counts. everywhere", she added, urging the Americans to vote among 119 million subscribers.

Her message was immediately shared on social networks, even if some people wondered why she had taken a public position so late.

Beto O & # 39; Rourke won an exhibition in the United States in August with a passionate defense of the right of black American footballers to kneel during the national anthem to protest against police brutality.

This elected member of the House of Representatives, which some already saw as a Democratic presidential candidate in 2020, is trying to dethrone Senator Ted Cruz in Texas, but the gap with the latter seems to have grown bigger when the house is extended.

Beto O & # 39; However, Rourke has the support of many local celebrities, including rapper Travis Scott.

Beyoncé, who together with Jay-Z is one of the most powerful couples in American pop culture, is also known as close to Barack and Michelle Obama, and had sung for the second inauguration of the Democrat in January 2013.