Bloomberg believes that he can be elected president despite his age

TORONTO – Former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, said Tuesday that if he decides to become president he can win despite his age.

The 76-year-old billionaire said that in America there is a thought that if you are over 50, white and male, you will never be elected, but he does not agree with that. He said during a question and answer session at the University of Toronto that people still want maturity, experience and achievement.

"There is nothing wrong with people who are young, but there is nothing wrong with people who are older," said Bloomberg, who turns 77 next month. "Getting older is a process that I hope will continue."

Bloomberg weighs a democratic presidential bid in 2020 and said he must decide whether winning is possible.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is 76 and Senator Bernie Sanders is 77 and both are bullying. Donald Trump is 72.

Bloomberg said priorities for him include climate change, education and public health.

"Climate change can destroy the whole world and kill everyone," he said. "It is frustrating that many people do not understand that."

Bloomberg is deadly against legalization of marijuana, an issue that is popular among young people. He said the government should not do something with serious health effects that are easier to get.

"It's just nonsensical," he said.

Bloomberg said he will decide whether he wants to play this month or February, but said he is in no hurry. He plans to finance himself so that he does not have to suspend in order to win important donors.

"My donor does not run away," he said.

Bloomberg had clear words for the Brexit and for Trump, and called the Brexit & # 39; the most stupid thing a country has done & # 39; and then we appraised them. & # 39;

He said that America treats allies as enemies and enemies like allies.

He also said that the issue of countries like Russia, China and North Korea trying to influence American elections is not being taken seriously enough.

"That's like taking a gun and shooting one of our candidates," he said. "We should be more than annoyed, I can not believe in my life why we do not take stronger action."

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