Bolivia joins the Montevideo Mechanism and will continue to work with the GCI

7 February 2019 10:32 PM
Updated on February 7, 2019 22:40

Bolivia joined the Montevideo Mechanism on Thursday, which was designed by Uruguay, Mexico and the Caribbean Community (Caricom) to promote a peaceful solution to the crisis in Venezuela and will continue to cooperate with the International Contact Group (ICG).

This was explained to the press by the Bolivian Foreign Minister, Diego Pary, after taking part in the first meeting of the GCI, which lasted nearly five hours and was chaired by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. and by the President of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez.

"We could not accompany the declaration approved today because we believe that the methodology, the defined procedure is not correct, we must let the Venezuelans decide on the political, economic and social issues that will be debated and the solutions to these problems," explained Pary, explaining why his country did not sign the declaration issued in the capital Uruguay.

The declaration is signed by the European Union (EU), Uruguay, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

In this sense, the Minister of Foreign Affairs criticized the fact that the document calls for immediate elections because he believes this is a decision to be taken by Venezuelans and condemns the application of economic sanctions against the Caribbean.

"I think the speech should be coherent, we can not ask for humanitarian aid if, on the other hand, economic and financial sanctions are applied to Venezuela." It seems good that we are talking about humanitarian aid, but that we are also talking about the lifting of sanctions (…), because that prohibits the Venezuelan people from gaining access to food and other needs ", he emphasized.

For Pary, the & # 39; difficulties & # 39; which Venezuela experienced & # 39; generated by different situations, but at the same time aggravated by the economic and financial blockade it gets & # 39 ;, so it is essential to seek a peaceful solution and a dialogue.

"Bolivia believes that the dialogue should never be exhausted, dialogue should be the best mechanism to resolve differences and no one can impose what to do with another country, I think we should be respectful of sovereignty, respect the self-determination of people, and not we can impose predefined decisions and agendas on a sovereign country like Venezuela, "he added.

In this line, the initiative presented Wednesday in Mexico, Uruguay and Caricom in Montevideo is a "peaceful and democratic alternative that promotes dialogue and peace to create the necessary conditions for a comprehensive, comprehensive and sustainable solution" to be adopted. developed in four phases: direct dialogue, negotiation, commitments and implementation.

Pary also clarified that Bolivia is at the disposal of the GIC and that it will participate in the next meetings of the group if it receives an invitation from the EU.

The international contact group on Venezuela this Thursday in Montevideo agreed to send a technical mission to that country and to meet again in March to continue working on a process that allows for a "Venezuelan solution" for its to achieve your own conflict and thus an even more critical scenario.

The tension in Venezuela has increased since January 23, the head of the Venezuelan parliament, Juan Guaidó, was sworn in as interim president of his country when he found Nicolás Maduro "usurpator", after being re-elected in a presidential election that the opposition of " fraudulent".

This action accelerated the political crisis in Venezuela, because a large part of the international community, such as the United States and various European and Latin American countries, supported Guaidó and insisted on elections.

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