Brazil: the pro-Lula irreducible, under the windows of his prison

Curitiba (Brazil) – "Hello President Lula !!" & # 39; Morning, & # 39; In the afternoon and in the evening, the most loyal supporters of the former president meet at a fixed time to express their support, under the windows of the federal police Curitiba, where their hero is imprisoned.

There are about 100 irreducible militants, 150 according to the organizers, mostly farm workers, of the homeless land movement (MST), who have put their house in jail since April 7, the day of the imprisonment of the historical leader of the Brazilian left behind for corruption .

"Our goal is to maintain a permanent solidarity with Lula, to send him all our positive energies, so that he remains strong", says Paulo Baggio, 54, of the MST coordination of Paranà (the state where Curitiba is based), one of the main coordinators of the"Vigilia Lula Book"(Beware of a free Lula).

No chance to see Lula, the windows of his cell do not show on the outside. But his followers know that their mentor hears them. Lula "send us small letters, letters""sometimes he asks us for some songs and we sing them"says Paulo Baggio, a red cap in the colors of the MST screwed on the head, and the matching chasuble on the shoulders.

The beginning of the week can be agitated for this irreducible. Tuesday is the last day granted by the election law to the Workers' Party (PT) to present its candidate for the presidential election on 7 October. The PT maintained Lula's candidacy despite his invalidation. But besides theatrical, his champion has to throw the towel into the ring.

The camp is organized in several places: a capital planted for the federal police and a few houses that are rented within a radius of one kilometer from the prison, in the middle of a residential area of ​​Curitiba. Activists are housed, fed, washed.

Everything is financed by a solidarity campaign. "Everything works as a great cooperative volunteer work", says Paulo Baggio, one of the shares under the marquee: rice, bottles of water or toilet paper donated by residents of Curitiba.

– Eucalyptus tea –

MST activists alternate every two weeks. While they are in Curitiba, others take care of their farms. The rest of the troops are trade unionists, unemployed or pensioners like Malvina Joana de Lima.

As a member of the PT since 1989, Malvina, a 66-year-old black woman, has been in Curitiba since her idol was in prison.

"I got sick, I even got pneumonia, but I treated myself here, I did not want to be admitted to hospital. I live (for) Lula!", she says.

Because at the base camp of "Lula book"There is even a sickbay.

Jefferson Conçeiçao Ricardo, 20, the head nurse, prepares natural drinks for his comrades. In Curitiba, in the south of Brazil, temperatures can drop below 10 degrees at the end of the Australian winter.

"There are many irritations to the throat, asthmaJefferson says: for sore throat he recommends eucalyptus and lemon tea, stomach pain, hibiscus tea, but there is also soothing tea to relieve the stress of the stomach. pro-Lula activists.

And it will cost liters of tea, because this hard-of-fight of the fight is ready to support their candidate until the end, sentenced to a fine of 12 years and a month.

"We will stay here until Lula comes out and embraces his people to rebuild Brazil together", Pauilo Baggio assures.

And if despite the many calls that he has submitted, Lula can not be a candidate, all will still vote on the PT.

"When Lula tells me to vote for a mosquito, I choose a mosquito. I will always do what he orders. He is the only one I trust, the only one who does good things for black and poor workers", says Melvina.