Britain, sunk by heat waves, has turned away from him in satellite photo & # 39; s green to brown

Satellite images have shown how the heatwave in the UK and the drought have changed its appearance.

A photograph taken in May shows the country in green, but another picture shows that it has been reduced to a brown shade.

The longest heat period that Britain experienced in 42 years was only 47 mm precipitation from 1 June to 16 July.

It is the driest start of summer on modern records from the year 1961.

The UK could see its hottest summer this year when the above-average temperatures persist, according to the Met Office.

Even if the rest of the summer is average, he will certainly be among the 10 warmest summers in the world, according to the National Meteorological Service.

A spokesperson for the Met Office, however, warned: "It is important to remember that we are only halfway through the season and that a lot can change."

The heat wave has led to a sinking water level in a reservoir in Dartmoor, Devon. Unveiling a "drowned village" that has been lost for more than a century.

It has also uncovered undiscovered or long-hidden contours of various archaeological sites, from the ancient fortifications to the remains of the Second World War throughout the country.

Satellite images show the contrast between a green United Kingdom in May and the effects of drought in a recent picture ( SWNS )

While the United Kingdom is especially sunny on Thursday, the Met Office warned that the afternoon rain will flow to the northwest of Scotland.

Friday is cloudy with rain north and west and maybe thunderstorms in the southeast.

In the weekend it becomes drier and brighter.