Called the possible cause of the collapse of the ship in the Black Sea

The Panama ship could have sunk in the Black Sea on Saturday night due to the relocation of freight suggested by the Marine Rescue Subcenter of Sevastopol. As told TASS specialists, the captain estimated the danger of the situation and ordered the crew of eight to evacuate on the liferaft. The ship with a load of scrap could not straighten the list and sank. Seamen – citizens of Turkey and Azerbaijan – were rescued by the approaching Greek tanker.

According to the rescue center, on Sunday for lunch, it will be rescued delivered to Novorossiysk. The tanker is in the ballast and it is difficult for him to overcome the storm wave in the Black Sea.

The incident took place 50 miles from the Crimean coast, outside the territorial waters of Russia. As told RIA Novosti in Rosmorrechflot, the ecology of the area is not in danger.