Campaign ad serving: attack ads dominate another busy week

Campaign ad serving: attack ads dominate another busy week

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WASHINGTON – The war against the air waves is getting hot and fast, because campaigns and groups of foreigners want to give a blow that resonates with voters who are starting to get more attention with Election Day just over seven weeks.

Every week, the NBC News political unit will highlight a handful of the latest TV ads that attract our attention. Watch the YouTube playlist of this week's ads here and read more on each spot.

Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee Senate

Republican deputy Marsha Blackburn knows that her democratic opponent, former head of government Phil Bredesen, needs a dual coalition to win a conservative state like Tennessee. And he has done everything he can to remind voters of his former stint as governor when he moved to a re-election in 2006.

But Blackburn falls back by directly targeting voters who voted for Bredesen in the past. Her new place claims that liberal policies and support for "Crooked Hillary" would disqualify him in the minds of voters.

NRCC in Michigan 08 and Arizona 02

The National Republican Congress Committee has publicly released a dozen campaign ads Wednesday, with all Democrats attacked in key districts. But the group did not publish publicly, but released two other ads that the words of the former Republican Sen. John McCain from Arizona used to attack Democrat Elissa Slotkin and Michigan Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick.

McCain's family made a statement condemning the decision to "arm" McCain's words & # 39 ;, and the NRCC said in a statement that the "ad speaks for itself" .

Ted Cruz in the Senate of Texas

The Republican from Texas has tried to arm the recent viral remarks of his opponent, the Democratic representative Beto O & Rourke, against NFL protests on social media. But now he makes the attack on the air, complete with comments from a man who lost his legs on the battlefield.

Joe Manchin in the Senate of West Virginia

Manchin's new advertisement is a look back at his 2010 ad in which he shot the Cap and Trade bill to express his frustrations about the legislation. In an advertisement that underscores the conservative background of his senate race against Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, Manchin is now launching the lawsuit of the Trump government challenging challenging parts of the Affordable Care Act, a challenge supported by Morrisey.

Mac Schneider in North Dakota At-Large

The use of your children in an advertisement is always a risk with a campaign ad, but the Democratic Democratic Party of North Dakota is on with this light-hearted advertisement in which his daughter jokes about how Congress likes to fight as small children & # 39 ;.

NRCC and Antonio Delgado in New York 19

Two new ads in this New York suburb illustrate the different strategies of republican external groups and Delgado's campaign in the battle for the seat currently held by GOP Rep. John Faso.

The NRCC spot is another one that concentrates exclusively on Delgado's rap career and combines optimistic quotations from a Delgado campaign ad with some profane clips of him rapping. Although Faso's campaign only releases television ads that spread its work on local issues, each individual ad from an external GOP group concentrates on its rap career.

And the Delgado spot is one of the few that runs its campaign, which mainly talks about health care, the big problem for Democrats this cycle.

Elissa Slotkin in Michigan 08

The new Slotkin advertisement is yet another example of how Democrats have made health care the most important problems for their candidates. This new place is long, a 60-second place that shares her mother's battle with cancer after losing her health care. The place contains emotional images of her mother who spoke at her wedding before she died.