Canada: a student who writes to Nicole 246 at his university to find the person who gave him "a wrong number"

A student at the University of Calgary, Canada, the young man sent an e-mail to 246 women named Nicole. They decided to meet.

He only had his name. To find a young woman she had met the day before, a Canadian student sent an email to 246 Nicole at the University of Calgary (Canada). But it was they who eventually sympathized. "We now have Nicole & # 39; s network,"AFP tells Nicole Manaog, student in communication.

Carlos Zetina, a student from this University of Alberta, met Nicole Toetenel on Thursday September 6, 2018, but without knowing his surname, he contacted Nicole at the university with an e-mail entitled & # 39; I met you last night and you gave me a wrong number. & # 39; No luck, Nicole Toetenel is a Dutch exchange student in Canada and does not have an e-mail address that is affiliated with this university in Alberta. The other Nicole, however, soon began to exchange hundreds of messages. After they continued their conversations on social networks without Carlos Zetina, they decided to meet.

"We have created a Facebook page for us [les Nicole] and we spoke online. It's nice that technology has allowed us to know each other "says Nicole Rathgeber, theater student at the University of Calgary. On Friday afternoon, several Nicole met in a bar near the campus near Kensington in Calgary. Approximately fifteen students, professors and employees of the university, answered today.

"When Carlos sent this e-mail, he really did not make a difference, so all sorts of people understood it."Says Nicole DuGraye, one of the students who edited Nicole's Facebook page last night.

the "real Nicole", as she is now called, was finally informed by a friend of the situation on Friday evening. She is expected at the second meeting of Nicole next Friday, where more than 25 young women are planning to come. Nicole contacted Carlos via SMS and they planned to see each other during the week with coffee, according to Nicole Rathberger. The other 246 Nicole were not invited this time.