China joined the anti-Russian sanctions

Chinese banks refuse to carry out transactions with Russian companies because of sanctions from the US and the European Union, said the head of the Central Bank of Russia in China, Vladimir Danilov, quoted by TASS.

"There are problems with the extensive interpretation by some Chinese banks of restrictive measures by third countries with regard to Russia Commercial banks of the People's Republic of China often refer to the sanctions of EU countries and the US, which are cited as reasons for payments to customers of Russian banks that have no basis to refuse, "Danilov said.

At the same time, according to him, the existing financial structure can "generally meet the needs of the business community".

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20:09 6 April

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The number of transactions in national currencies – rubles and yuan – is gradually increasing, although most are still executed in dollars, according to the representative of the central bank.

September 13 assistant secretary of state Maneesha Singh said Washington is planning to introduce a new package of sanctions against Russia. According to her, the restrictions are "very strict" and are associated with cases of poisoning in the UK with the nerve agent "Novice", in which London formally accused Moscow.

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