China's trade surplus with the United States at the highest despite the tariff war

The trade surplus of China with the United States grew to a record high in September, according to official data released on Friday (12 October). The figures show an acceleration in the growth of Chinese exports, despite the introduction of tariffs at Washington.

Chinese exports to the United States rose 14.5 percent year-on-year in September, compared to 9.8 percent year-on-year in August, according to Chinese customs data. Imports grew at a slower pace, 14.3 percent year-on-year, compared to 19.9 percent in August.

Customs tariffs. Chinese trade data show that China's trade surplus with the United States last month was $ 34.13 billion, up from $ 31.05 billion in August. In the period January-September, China has a trade surplus with the United States of $ 225.79 billion, compared with about $ 196 billion at the same time last year. The traffic passing through the Panama Canal also increased significantly in the period October 2017 – September 2018, with a record of 442 million tonnes (9.5% increase), reports expansion. The United States and China accounted for 86% of the goods volume in 2017.

These figures could increase the tensions between Beijing and Washington. Donald Trump, the singer of "America First", has started to rebalance American trade with China, with a deficit of about $ 375 billion last year (505 billion Chinese exports to the United States). United States, 130 billion US exports to China).

On September 24, Beijing introduced rates on $ 60 billion of US imports, in response to US President Donald Trump's decision to tax $ 200 billion in Chinese imports.

(With Reuters)