Court of Egypt, former President Mubarak's 2 sons return to prison

Court of Egypt, former President Mubarak's 2 sons return to prison

By order of the judge, the Egyptian police held Saturday the sons of the former president Hosni Mubarak, along with three others in connection with insider trading, for which the five are put on trial, according to security officials.

They said the arrests were ordered by judge Ahmed Aboul-Fetouh before he adjourned the hearings of the case until October 20. The Mubarak sons – wealthy businessman Alaa and Mubarak's one-time heir apparent Gamal – were brought to a prison south of Cairo after the hearing, according to the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to inform media .

The detention of the two brothers came as a surprise, given that the process went without incident. It was not immediately clear whether their detention had anything to do with a recent warning to Gamal Mubarak by a newspaper editor near the government to abandon political ambitions.

The two sons and their father were sentenced to three years in prison after their condemnation of misappropriated funds reserved for the restoration and maintenance of presidential palaces, and used the money to improve their private residence. The sons were released in 2015 for the time they served, while Mubarak walked around freely last year. The trio paid the state back the money they had darkened.

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