Customers buy a bakery empty every morning, but that is not because of the pastries

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John Chhan has been selling donuts for almost 30 years.

  • A donut shop in California is empty every day after a few hours.
  • The story behind it is moving.

John Chhan of Seal Beach in California does bakery most days already after a few hours again to. He often has no donut to sell at nine o'clock.

The reason is not (only) the popularity of his pastries. The story behind it is a very moving story.

Chhan and his wife Stella have been selling together in their store for almost 30 years Donut City Cakes to the inhabitants of the coastal town. The report numerous US media such as the news channel CNN.

The benign donut seller is very popular with his customers.

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The donuts seem to be especially popular.

Heavy blow of fate for the couple

But then the couple saw a heavy blow: Stella Chhan suffered a brain aneurysm last month.

Although she is a bit better now, but now she is being cared for in a nursing home.

Her husband faces a big challenge: he now only cares for his store, has to make more money to cover the costs of the medical costs than the monthly fixed costs and therefore has less time to look after Stella.

The customers of the bakery responded immediately

But when his clients heard about the woman's illness, they responded immediately.

First they wanted to set up a donation site for the chhans, but then they found another solution:

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Already in the early morning the shelves in the store look like this.

Every morning at 4.30 am the first customers stand for "Donut City".

Their goal: to buy the store as quickly as possible, so that Chhan earns money and can drive to his wife as early as possible.

On a Saturday John Chhan could go home at half past eight. He told news channel NBC News:

"We have already sold everything, I have a very warm feeling in me and am very happy, thanks to everyone!"