Cuyabro Parade and Yipao Parade in the 129 years of Armenia

The Cuyabro parade, It is a tradition festival that is celebrated by the family. This year about 1,400 artists take part in comparsas, musical groups and floats among other cultural events as an introduction to the Yipao parade that this year reaches version 31.

Two of the most important events of this great celebration.
/ City Hall of Armenia Twitter

The traditional one Jeeps Willies, they are the essence of Yipao parade, participating in the categories of "Trasteo o Coroteo", traditional agricultural products, arts and crafts and better coffee and the category of human cargo that he returned to the parade this year. The event is broadcast on the traditional channel of the region and the parties will continue until the following week with the concert of the artist from Vallenato Wild Dangond.

All information about these two major events of Quindiana cultural identity with our guest "The Taste of Colombia", María Fernanda Fernández Granada, director of the culture and tourism company of Armenia