Democrats and the liberal media are afraid of Kanye West. What else explains their behavior?

Has the bizarre relationship between President Trump and Kanye West had a guts or not? Instead of having the discipline to ignore this bromance, the exhausting Democrats and their false left-wing allies in the media have overreacted and given credibility that is very unremarkable. I have never really been a fan of the West, but the reaction to the friendship between West and Trump has certainly caught my attention. Democrats and their allies literally have a fit that makes them tremble and sputter and say things that are inexcusable.

When thinking about why the left has reacted, it is important to remember that practically nothing that West says is particularly enlightening. In the Oval Office on Thursday, he actually said: "You taste a good wine, it has several notes … You better play 4D chess with me as if it is minority report & # 39; because it is not that easy It's complicated. "Do you have that? But regardless of the effectiveness of West's precise words, he does represent something – and that is something frightening for the Democrats. Heaven forbids a successful, independent, young Afro-American with a huge social media follow-up that would be out of step and would support Trump in a cheerful way. It was nice to see the panic of the liberals.

But if it is not the seriousness of what West says Democrats touches. I think it is only the fact that the Democrats do not agree with a black man who says something laudable about the president. It is simply more than they will allow. It is not that the left disagrees with Wests ideas about prison reform – assuming he has an understandable view – it's just that they just can not get to see him who's the president they despise . And certainly, in their minds, no African American should be given a pass to show any admiration for the president. This is a case of zero tolerance if there has ever been one. What else could explain the media explosion about the Kanye-Trump relationship?

CNN's reporting was particularly hysterical, disconcerting and insulting. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) Went so far as to question the mental health of meeting the president. "I felt like I was at a psychiatrist visit and a commercial for Donald Trump," she said. Auspiciously on the way, CNN hosted Don Lemon Thursday against the West, and said he has a & # 39; minstrel show & # 39; for the president, in which he essentially disputed the legitimacy of West's blackness. Even before West's Oval Office meeting, CNN commentator Tara Setmayer said, "He's the symbolic negro of the Trump administration." Another CNN commentator, Bakari Sellers, in a seemingly unsuccessful and tasteless reference to a decades-old Chris Rock bit, said: "Kanye West is what happens when Negros do not read." It is surprising that they choose to make such insulting to use words and allusions that I thought were removed from decent company. But perhaps decent company does not contain democrats or much more broadcast journalism. Here we are.

Anyway, West's meeting with the president could not have been consistent. But Democrats and their allies in the media are clearly afraid of what it means to make a celebrity like the West come out and support the president. If Trump were smart, he would see this as a great opportunity and drive back the Democrats where they are weak. Trump, more than other Republican presidents, has a message for young black Americans.

As wild as it may seem, the fact that Trump has developed a cult of celebrities enables him to try things that other Republican presidents could never do. With the west in tow, Trump was able to enter the most impoverished neighborhoods of the country and ask a simple question that would push many Democrats and members of traditional African American leadership out of their comfort zone. I see Trump arrive in the most ravaged parts of Baltimore or Chicago and say to the young: "Whom do you think you want to be a chance to get rich, me or Bernie Sanders? I or Elizabeth Warren? Pelosi? "The honest answer would be clear: Trump. No one can say that Trump does not want other people to get rich. He might say, "The best thing you can do for your family, your community, and yourself is to become rich – and I want more black millionaires to be, do you think Democrats and traditional African-American political leadership want to become a millionaire? Do democrats really want you to have a chance to get rich? Answer: Absolutely not. "There is no evidence that the Democrats want black Americans to get rich, which brings us back to the West.

West is nothing if not independent. He does not need the approval of the Democratic establishment or the usual suspects among the liberal Hollywood elite. He is untied from the traditional liberal gatekeepers in the same way that Trump was released as the presidential candidate of the Republican establishment. There is a reason that the Democrats and their allies in the media insult, marginalize, ridicule and try "Uncle Tom" West. It is clear that they are afraid of him and the discussion he could start.

All of this reminds me of the infamous 2009 & # 39; beer top & # 39; when President Barack Obama summoned a Harvard professor and a Cambridge policeman to discuss racial relationships and racial profiling. But that meeting accomplished nothing more than providing the media with a food violence of forced reporting. So if Obama had his beer summit to do nothing, Trump and West can meet to stir the pot and see what happens. This will be interesting to see. I hope that the show by Trump and Kanye will continue.