Democrats and the liberal media are afraid of Kanye West. What else explains their behavior?

Democrats and the liberal media are afraid of Kanye West. What else explains their behavior?

Has the bizarre relationship between President Trump and Kanye West had a guts or not? Instead of having the discipline to ignore this bromance, the exhausting Democrats and their false left-wing allies in the media have overreacted and given credibility that is very unremarkable. I have never really been a fan of the West, but the reaction to the friendship between West and Trump has certainly caught my attention. Democrats and their allies literally have a fit that makes them tremble and sputter and say things that are inexcusable.

When thinking about why the left has reacted, it is important to remember that practically nothing that West says is particularly enlightening. In the Oval Office on Thursday, he actually said: "You taste a good wine, it has several notes … You better play 4D chess with me as if it is minority report & # 39; because it is not that easy It's complicated. "Do you have that? But regardless of the effectiveness of West's precise words, he does represent something – and that is something frightening for the Democrats. Heaven forbids a successful, independent, young Afro-American with a huge social media follow-up that would be out of step and would support Trump in a cheerful way. It was nice to see the panic of the liberals.

But if it is not the seriousness of what West says Democrats touches. I think it is only the fact that the Democrats do not agree with a black man who says something laudable about the president. It is simply more than they will allow. It is not that the left disagrees with Wests ideas about prison reform – assuming he has an understandable view – it's just that they just can not get to see him who's the president they despise . And certainly, in their minds, no African American should be given a pass to show any admiration for the president. This is a case of zero tolerance if there has ever been one. What else could explain the media explosion about the Kanye-Trump relationship?


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