Deutsche Bahn buys 550 million euros from Talgo

DThe Spanish train producer Talgo has filed an important order from the Deutsche Bahn: for about EUR 550 million, Talgo will supply a total of 23 long-distance trains to Deutsche Bahn, both companies announced on Tuesday. In general, the framework contract provides for the delivery of a maximum of 100 trains.

The first new trains roll according to the Deutsche Bahn from 2023 on the tracks. They should be used on long-distance roads that are not served by ICE trains: between Berlin and Amsterdam, Cologne and Westerland and between Hamburg and Oberstdorf, as a spokeswoman for the AFP press agency in Berlin said.

The Talgo trains must reach 230 km / h. The order of the course includes the data according to the offer of electric locomotives including touring car.

Talgo has recently received a number of important orders: for the Spanish railway company Renfe, the company builds at least 15 high-speed trains. In addition, Talgo is part of the consortium, which has established the new rail link between the Saudi Arabian pilgrim towns of Mecca and Medina.


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