Disgusting and disgusting sign like that was taken out of a man's ear [VIDEO]

A terrible video was made when a person had a distorted and live tap that was removed from the depth of his ear. The patient who was still anonymous, had a lot of discomfort, said his doctor, before he noticed that he had the blood-sucking beetle in his ear canal.

In the illustrations the tick takes the power to prevent the tick from being pulled off by the doctor, because the head is stuck in the patient's skin and the legs have been moved when it was pulled out of the hiding place with tweezers that were used to hold the insect and pull it.
Dr. Rahmat Omar, who is a surgeon in ear, nose and throat from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has recorded how he removed the animal from the man's ear, these animals are difficult to extract because they drink blood, they bury the head underneath of the skin of the animal while they feed, therefore their removal is difficult.

In the video, the doctor first tries to use a tool to try to suck the tick from the patient's ear, but I can not remove it from the skin, and the animal grows larger, indicating that it is full of blood.

Later the doctor tries with tweezers to do the job, keeps it over the insect and knows how to remove it