Diwali, one of India's biggest festivals, is not just a holiday – there are five

Diwali, the most iconic festival of India, is not a traditional tradition light festival, but a
series of festivities with Dhanteras that mark the beginning and conclude with Bhai Dooj, the festival that shares the unconditional love that is shared between brothers and sisters.

Whether you call it Diwali or Deepavali, at the end of the day it's & # 39; the party of lights & # 39 ;. And, like the best stories, it means the victory of good upon evil, or in this case, of light over darkness.

The unique thing about Diwali is that it is not only celebrated inside India but all over the world and everyone wants his Diwali to be as authentic an experience as possible. It does not matter whether that means doubling the candies, hanging up sparkling lights or designing complicated
rangolis outside their doors.

So here are the five days of festivities that mark Diwali for everyone who celebrates it all over the world: